Doesn't Your Book Deserve

to Have a 



Write It?

Is it time to turn your life's work into a book that will show off your expertise?

Are you ready to reveal the story behind your success so you can solidify your reputation as an innovator in your field?

Do you believe you have a book in you that will motivate and inspire others to achieve and sustain success?

Have you overcome tremendous challenges and want to share your secrets for surviving and thriving with others?

If you answered yes! to these questions, you may be ready to work with a best-selling professional ghostwriter who can weave your story into a high-quality book you can take pride in.

That's where I come in.

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I'm Nancy Peske, and I've ghostwritten, cowritten, and edited New York Times bestsellers and award-winning books:

—a nonfiction book that was turned into a television show that aired for more than a decade (it also launched a book series that sold in the U.S. and in several countries)


—an award-winning book that sells more copies today than it did when first published over a decade ago 

—books that won multiple awards, netted multiple foreign sales, and became bestsellers

—a book that sold over 25 million copies in hardcover

—a book that rebooted the author's stalled career and became a bestseller

—books that helped the authors get publicity breaks that included bookings on national TV shows 

I know how to tell stories that resonate for readers.

I turn stories into books, helping experts and thought leaders get their message out into the world.

I'll help you turn your story into a compelling book that people can't stop reading. 

Haven't you waited long enough to get started?

Work with me. I'll make your story come to life on the page.


Testimonials from some of my editorial clients

Book Review Excerpts

"A must read"

"A wealth of insights and advice"

"A personal and professional approach"

"The case stories come alive"

"Hands down, the best resource"

"Sharp insights"

"Really hard to put down"

"Destined to become your 'bible'" and "the best book out there" on the topic

What's involved in hiring a ghostwriter to write your book?

First, I interview you to draw your stories and ideas out of you.


Then, we discuss what type of transformative nonfiction book is best given your goals. Life lessons? Memoir? Self-help? Business book? How-to?


I begin creating an outline for the book and working with you on developing a highly discoverable title.


Next, after you have approved the outline, the ghostwriting process begins. I create drafts of chapters for you to review. 

Why hire me to ghostwrite your book?

I know story. I've evaluated and edited more stories than I can count. Stories sell ideas and they sell books.

I have credentials. I have ghostwritten, cowritten, and done developmental editing on dozens of highly successful books.

I understand the book business. I've spent my entire career in book publishing and worked in-house as an acquisitions editor at three major New York City book publishing houses. Plus, I've been a successful author myself.

I will capture your voice. I take pride in carefully crafting each sentence so as to be true to your unique way of expressing yourself.

Your book deserves the best and so do you.

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